Service & Repair

Irrigation System Service

Spring Start Up

  • Turn on main valve and begin flow to system
  • Inspect main shut off and valve boxes
  • Adjust sprinkler heads
  • Program controller
  • Inspect zones for leaks and make sure all equipment is functioning properly

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Seasonal Service

  • System and individual zone walk through
  • Leak detection and evaluation of zones
  • Adjust sprinkler heads as needed
  • Set rain sensor for maximum efficiency
  • Adjust, repair, and/or replace damaged sprinkler components as needed

*Prepaid mid-season checks are no longer available.

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  • Shut off main valve to stop water flow to system
  • Evacuate all water from the system
  • Perform a main shut off inspection

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Irrigation System Maintenance & Repair

Our professional service technicians are capable of repairing and servicing systems installed by other companies, and systems made with parts through any supplier. Utilizing our Multi-point Seasonal Inspection, we will evaluate all system components and zones to identify opportunities for increased system efficiency and water conservation. Our goal is to proactively identify future improvements as well as issues that require immediate attention. We’ll LISTEN to your concerns and needs and answer your questions before providing you with our expert opinion on how to best resolve the issue and meet your needs.

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